Why on earth does restaurant butter taste better?

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Butter goes well with many different kinds of food, whether on vegetables, potatoes, or simply on bread at breakfast under Nutella. Butter can be combined with many things.
However, have you ever wondered why, for example, butter tastes better in restaurant, than butter at home?

I would like to answer this question today!

Why does restaurant butter taste better?

Butter tastes better in restaurants because it has a higher quality, is served in the restaurant at room temperature, or the butter is from other parts of the world like Europe, where people eat butter very often.

The quality of butter

The first reason why a restaurant butter tates better than your butter at home is because the quality is significantly better. The cows are fed with more grass, and thus produce better milk for your butter; They also contain the flavor enhancers salt and fats, and other additives that improve the taste of the butter. The smell and the your view on the butter also play a role here: because you don’t just eat with your mouth, but with all your senses. A deliciously prepared meal with a perfect butter probably tastes better to everyone than butter smeared with Nutella or jam. And of course the chefs in the restaurant pay special attention to the smell of the food in order to provide the best atmosphere!

At what temparature is the butter served ? – Does it matter?

The butter is served at room temperature instead of refrigerator-temparature. This has a number of advantages, because the flavors of the butter can spread much better when it is warm than with a completely cold butter. In addition, butter that was served at room temperature is of course more creamy and softer and is much easier to apply to the food. The salts in the butter are completely distributed with butter at room temperature and do not remain rigid, as with butter straight from the refrigerator.

The psychological role of restaurant’s

This also plays a role psychologically. When you are perfectly served in a fine 5 star restaurant, and maybe have a partner with you, that you like, and your favorite music is played in the background. What exactly would you not taste in this scenario? If you happen to just’ve fallen in love, and you notice this sweat, new taste of butter on your first date, this is a simple effect of the first great love.

Even the local area itself can give a very clean impression, and thus make your food more enjoyable (even if it may not be so clean). The thought alone counts, and whoops, you feel much more comfortable and accordingly expect a good taste from the food that you are served.

Low-butter quality in supermarkets

The supermarkets in which you buy your butter usually have poor quality butter in stock. This is actually due to the buying behavior of customers: Customers prefer cheap butter above all. In contrast to coffee or wine, you can save a lot with butter, which, even if it is not surprising, also leads to a poorer quality of the butter or to a bad taste. The comparison alone between the butter you are used to and that from the restaurant is a big factor that makes you feel grateful for a new, tasty butter, which has a positive effect on your taste experience.

Restaurant’s specialize on taste

Another factor, which is not entirely unimportant, is that restaurants specialize in taste and for this reason avoid mediocre products; The restaurants, for example, often get their butter from local production, where they can be sure that a certain quality is assured. So it also means that in many cases you support the local economy by unintentionally spending more money at the restaurant than you otherwise spend on your daily meal. This does not only apply to butter, but to many things that are served in restaurants, such as eggs, which often come from better production.

Butter from other parts of the world as a reason

The butter could also come from abroad, e.g. from Europe. In Europe, people value their butter a lot more than, for example, in the USA, and have many different types of butter which all taste different. The butter has a completely different style than the one you know, which is especially common in 5-star restaurants, and for that reason alone creates a surprise element, and to a better taste.

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