Why is vacuuming important? – A Quick answer to a healthier life!

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The obvious first, vacuuming naturally removes crumbs of dust or other impurities, it creates a better atmosphere, and helps meet clinical standards. Vacuuming is significantly faster and more effective than simply sweeping. It removes dirt a lot faster.

Why is vacuuming important?

Vacuuming helps to keep the room clean from dirt particles, contributes to maintaining hygiene and provides for better air. In addition, it makes a better impression on guests when the house is clean.

The pet-owners can understand this reason very well. The little beasts come in, and spread their dirt all over the house. There is more than just one vacuuming session necessary to clear everything up. If you have children, you may recognize yourself here too.

Vacuuming helps against allergies and dirt particles that can be everywhere.

But vacuuming also has a great advantage for homeowners too, because it contributes to the fact that the wood is less susceptible to mold, so very high costs can be prevented by briefly vacuuming.

How often should you vacuum?

A rule of thumb says you should vacuum once a week per person, i.e. if there are two people in the household you should vacuum twice a week. But of course not always in the same place, you do not have to vacuum under the sofa or behind the closet every time. It is more important to create a routine when and where to vacuum. Of course, you cannot always wait until the next day until you clean up the mishap, but we do not only recommend vacuuming after the judgment. Make yourself a routine, vacuume under the sofa 1-2 times per month. Also pay attention to the places, where ants like to settle themselves!

How should you vacuum?

Vacuuming should be done about two to three times over the same place. Also in the corners, where it is difficult to get to, Remove the attachment of the vacuum cleaner to better or get in the corners. It is important, that the the bag of the vacuum cleaner is replaced in between 1 or 2 times a month. If the vacuum cleaner bag is full, vacuuming is no longer effective, or even in the opposite, it makes your house dirtier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to vacuum properly:

Step 1: Remove all easily movable objects, such like shoe cupboards. Put chairs on the tables so they are not in your way.

Step 2: Remove damp dirt such as potting soil or dirt from outside. Avoid sucking up liquid, such as water. That could harm your vacuum cleaner and make it useless.

Step 3: Make sure to vacuum in the farthest corner and then all the way to the door of the room.

Step 4: Unplug the vacuum cleaner and check whether the vacuum cleaner bag is full.

Vacuum cleaner with pets

Before the vacuum cleaner is even turned on, they are already over the mountains. But why is that so?

Why are dogs afraid of vacuum cleaners? Of course, they are loud and they also smell weird and robotic. Dogs hear everything up to 20 times louder so you don’t need to be surprised if they are frightened. It’s like a tornado for us in terms of volume. You would have to pay attention to that.

How is the fear expressed by dogs?

They flee from the room, they prick up their ears. Other dogs panic as soon as you connect the vacuum cleaner, others just freeze on the spot. Every dog reacts different. But when you know these few facts, you are in the advantage.

One of my Dogs, Alex, bites straight into the vacuum cleaner, every time I try, a very aggressive reaction in addition to the snouting. A sign that they don’t mean it well with your vacuum cleaner. Pay attention to every of this signs.

But where does this fear come from?

The fear from loudness is a basic fear, but do not worry this fear can be trained off with those tips:

Teach your dog that a vacuum cleaner is not a hazard.

What you can do against it.

Moon your dog if he does not react aggressively. Pass a shape of a treat, you can also try to put a treat on the vacuum cleaner.

However, my personal experience (it worked fine for me), is the so-called step-by-step methode, for my Border Collie. Although he is a very shy creature by nature, he is now completely fearless from the vacuum cleaner. Incredibly isn’t it? Here is how I did it.

First, set your vacuum cleaner to a very low level, get your dog used to it and away every day depending on how he reacts set it one level higher. At some point you will be able to vacuum on the highest level without having to stop. Being patient pays off.

Vacuuming with cats

Cats are then but a different thing but basically they react all had the same. You should give the cat personal space above everything else, give them an opportunity to escape, like a window or an opened door. Reward the cat with cuddles when it has successfully survived the fear.

Another trick is to invent a codeword before you start, such as “attention!”. That tells your cat to be mentally prepared, and so be less scared.

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