Why is the Apple logo half bitten? – 7 myth’s you should know

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The Apple logo. One of the simplest but ingenious logos a company has ever had. The technology giant is the most valuable company in the world and currently has sales of around $ 274.5 billion. That’s just 6 billion less than Amazon. So it is no wonder that there are so many myths about Apple, Apple has already reacted to some of them, but many have remained unanswered, which is understandable due to the sheer madness of some theories, and above all the number of theories that keep appearing is.

Everyone has probably asked themselves one question when looking at the Apple logo: Why does the apple have a bite? This is a very interesting story with a lot of interesting theories. In this blog post I would like to discuss the most popular and a few other theories.

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The best known theory, by graphic designer Rob Janoff, is that the apple on the logo should not be confused with a cherry. Unfortunately this was never confirmed by Steve Jobbs, as he passed away in 2011.

An apple instead of a cherry – sounds plausible.

However, there is also another theory that can be found in many reddit and qora forums: that the formation of the apple is in some way related to the story of Adam and Eve. Since Steve Jobbs and Rob Janoff are not exactly the most religious people, this theory is not only disputed by the community, but also by Rob Janoff himself.

Another theory is that the logo is inspired by Newton’s famous apple experiment when he discovered gravity. What exactly this has to do with the bite is unknown, but the theory itself is already heading in the right direction.
Perhaps it is also the simple, uncomplicated and understandable way what defines the Apple logo. Because the fact is, everyone understands what it’s meaning. Anyone who has ever bitten into an apple, and many have, immediately understands what is meant by that. The viewer can identify himself directly with the logo, and what is even better: with the company itself. The logo is understood in every culture and therefore also ensures a high recognition value. The fact that we think directly of the Apple company when we think of a standard apple has a great market value in itself.

That Apple simply needed space to write the “a” in “apple computers”, and that is why the logo was displayed with a bite, is arguably the simplest and most plausible theory there is.

Another myth says that the inspiration for the design of the Apple logo lies in the history of the Second World War. Alan Turning, a British mathematican, cracked the secret code of the Germans, the “Enigma Code” and thus contributed significantly to the collapse of the German Reich. But years later after the end of World War Two, he killed himself with a poisoned apple, which, as many have suggested, had a bite like the Apple logo.The reason for this was that society did not accept his sexuality. This theory has not been confirmed by Apple.

But there are also theories that do not have such a dramatic background. One of them is simply that the bite in the apple represents the way Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) do business; Always with a BIG bite. Whether that should be true remains to be seen. This, like all others, has not been confirmed by Apple itself.

But there are so many myths not only about Apple. And even if in this case it is nothing more than a mere play on words: Google, the Google company, comes from the word “Googol” – a number with 100 zeros. The number also stands for the company’s motive: to collect as much data as possible.

And that is also related to the next fact, because; Bite off, bite, btyte. Is there something ringing? Exactly, byte sounds exactly like biting off, so the unit of measurement in computer science is somehow related to the logo.

Origin of logo apple

But the logo that we know and love today did not come from the first attempt. In fact, the Newton theory is true because the first Apple logo showed Newton reading a book while sitting under an apple tree. Below the font “Apple Computers Co.”. Steve Jobs was not satisfied with the result and hired his graphic designer Rob Janoff to design a new logo, where the focus is not on Isaac Newton, but on the Apple company itself. And so Apple’s second logo was created, made of many different colors. The colorful logo represented two of Newton’s most important discoveries; The discovery of gravity and the knowledge that light can be split into all colors with a prism.

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