Why is Red Bull so delicious and successful?

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Red Bull is a popular energy drink. It is best known for his eye-catching TV commercials and slogangs like “Red Bull gives you wings”. It is mainly consumed to regain energy during the day, but most people simply like the good taste.

But why is Red Bull so popular, why do so many people like it. And the biggest secret: what exactly is it that makes Red Bull so successful?

Why does Red Bull taste so good?

Red Bull tastes good because it contains up to 10% sugar and about 30% caffeine per can of Red Bull. Both substances can be addicting and have an enormous impact on our taste experience.

All this and the revelation why Red Bull has been so successful from the beginning can be found well explained in this blog post

Red Bull, a drink made from sugar

One of the first, and perhaps the most obvious, reasons why Red Bull tastes so good is that it consists largely of sugar. About 10% of all 100g Red Bull cans are made from pure white, indistinctly produced sugar. Our body has a kind of “addiction” with sugar from birth, which is why it is no wonder that drinks that contain so much sugar are often drunk with pleasure. And even if sugar may not be the healthiest in the world, it definitely gives the otherwise bitter taste of Red Bull a good boost. In addition, Red Bull is also well suited, for example, to get a bad taste out of the mouth.

Red bull is refreshing and cold

Red Bull is usually stored in a cool place and consumed after exercise, which has a very refreshing effect on us. Red Bull should remind us of a refreshing cooling off after sporting activities that replenishes the spirits, and that’s why many people like it so much.

Red bull quenches thirst

Another reason Red Bull tastes great is that it is often taken as a thirst quenching variety instead of water. It is generally the case that we like things better when we haven’t had them for a long time. This also applies to food and drink. Due to our dehydration, e.g. during the night or during exercise, our body craves fluid. Red Bull can certainly meet this need. In this case, however, it is sufficient to simply take a glass of water instead of a whole can of Red Bull that has significantly better thirst-quenching qualities and is at least as satisfying.

Red Bull gives wings

After a hard and long day at work, combined with a lot of stress, many drink a can of beer or a glass of beer after work. And even if there is no alcohol in Red Bull, it can have a very similar effect to alcohol. Namely: It makes you think differently, gives you brief feelings of happiness and lets you think of other things instead of other problems that you have to deal with in everyday life. And even if Red Bull may not directly give you wings, it has an inspiring effect, often described as a stimulating feeling, which is another reason for Red Bull’s success.

Red bull triggers dopamine, makes us happy

The dopamine triggered due to the sugar in Red Bull floods us with happiness hormones that make us want more. That is also the reason why many think that just one can of Red Bull is usually not enough, but rather it should be 2-3. Red Bull is therefore definitely more attractive to most than a simple, not really stimulating glass of tap water, even if, according to most researchers, it is definitely the healthiest choice of all.

Red bulls advertising campaign makes us ask

With sales of around 6.1 billion dollars in 2018 alone, it should already be clear that Red Bull has some big resources for marketing. In contrast to other energy drinks, Red Bull has a large portfolio, which they use very effectively. Red Bull is best known for supporting sports campaigns or breaking records. Especially when it comes to bike races – and dangerous stuns. Red Bull is at the forefront when it comes to sponsoring this kind of stuff. Since Red Bull likes to combine with sport and the “drink afterwards” for a refreshing recovery after sport, this is anchored in our subconscious, especially through constant repetition. We remember that Red Bull is refreshing, cool and, above all, tasty, which has a not insignificant effect on our taste experience.

Red Bull has been around for decades

Since the 80s, many people have said: Energy drink? Red Bull! Red Bull has been represented since the first energy drinks and has therefore been in people’s minds for decades. A whole generation of Red Bull drinkers has already passed, and the Red Bull drinkers of yesteryear pass this on to the new generation of today. Most adults of today do not consider Red Bull to be a “new” thing for young people, and therefore like to turn a blind eye when even their own children drink Red Bull. Simply because they have known it for decades and maybe even drank it with their friends earlier.

Drinking Red Bull is a habit, and the habit makes a taste

As with many other things, drinking Red Bull is a habit. That means: our body adapts to consumption over time, and we may even begin to like it, even if we didn’t like it at first time trying. Why we drink Red Bull can have very different rasons, let it be to make a good impression on friends and to want to belong to a group, or just out of sheer boredom or the desire to have more energy in everyday life. Those who drink the same drink over a long period of time will always give their brain a new chance to rearrange the taste. It’s the same when you chew on a dry piece of bread for a long time. It’s boring at first, but at some point a sweet taste develops. Something similar with Red Bull. It becomes a routine to drink it, even if the taste is not that different from the other energy drinks; The power of habit should not be underestimated!

Red Bull has got loots of caffeine

Caffeine, which is present in very large quantities, up to a total of 30% in every Red Bull can, is probably the best known reason why people drink energy drinks or Red Bull: It is a stimulant. Caffeine triggers the nervous system and awakens the spirits, it increases the blood pressure, the heart rate and stimulates your whole organism. So it’s no wonder that many people who are often limp in everyday life like to turn to Red Bull to replenish their reserves. Unfortunately, the fairy tale of an energy drink that is always reliable is a myth. Since a tolerance with caffeine sets in with time, which is why most of them turn to harder stimulants sooner or later.

Red Bull is different to taste

Red Bull’s taste is not exactly easy to assign, and that’s no wonder. Because that drink consists of many different additives that make it difficult for our brain to determine what the content of this drink is. So our brain asks us to sip again to really make sure what it is. This may fade away with time, but it is one of the reasons why there are so many Red Bull addicts out there. After the effect of the “element of surprise” has fizzled out, Red Bull drinkers may have the dopamine surge from sugar as a reason to drink Red Bull.

What makes Red Bull so successful?

Red Bull has been making an active sports campaign successful since the 1980s. In addition, Red Bull is so successful because it was one of the very first energy drinks, and has therefore built a monopoly out of it, which last’s till today

The reason why Red Bull is so successful is actually pretty easy to explain. Probably the most obvious is the good advertising that Red Bull drums. Whether at sporting events, records, in space, Red Bull is present everywhere. Red Bull presents itself as a sponsor for all sorts of things to do with sport and is very popular for that reason.

Over the years they have built up a good base of regular customers who fill their coffers even on bad days. Once you get used to the taste of Red Bull and like to use it as an energy boost in everyday life, you won’t get off it again anytime soon. And that’s one of the things Red Bull puts on the world: People shouldn’t drink just any energy drink, they should drink Red Bull!

Another reason for the enormous success of Red Bull is that they have been there since the beginning. Red Bull was available in stores as early as the 1980s. True to the motto “first come first serve”, Red Bull has now built up a monopoly position that they are not ready to give up that easily.

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