Why is avocado so delicious and popular?

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The avocado has become very popular as a fruit in recent years and is replacing some other popular fruits from it’s throne. It is known to be very healthy and also gives off a very good, unique taste.

But what is the reason for the good taste of the avocado? As always, tastes are different for everyone. However, there are many points that have been scientifically proven that are important in deciding what we like and don’t like. When eating, not only is the eye is eating with you, but also all other senses, our memories of the food, experiences, or our surroundings and with whom we eat. If you don’t believe it, keep reading.

So why does avocado taste so good?
Avocado tastes good because it contains a lot of fat, over 15g per avocado, it is sometimes still sweet and unripe, or because we value the unique taste of the avocado more than other fruits.

Does that surprise you? Then there are some other facts waiting in the further text that you are guaranteed not to know.

An avocado tastes greasy, and we love greasy!

An avocado has a greasy taste, and that’s no wonder. An avocado alone contains more than 15 g of fat per piece. We humans just love to eat greasy things, you can see that from how many people like to go to McDonalds instead of eating other healthy foods. Fat can also be addicting and prevent us from stopping non-greasy content. However, avocado is definitely not the worst choice when it comes to greasy content, and if you have a choice between an avocado and a hamburger, definitely go for the avocado! More on this below.

Avocado taste’s sweet

Avocado has a sweet taste that many people can’t get out of their heads. Even if avocado doesn’t contain that much sugar, just 0.7 grams per 100g avocado, this is probably because your avocado is still quite fresh and unripe. Unripe fruits taste better because before the ripening process, more aromas in the avocado still have a sweeter taste than when they are then fully ripened. We like sweet taste because it makes us happy and releases dopamine in our body.

Avocado can replace a meal

For people who often have to work a night shift, an avocado can replace an entire meal overnight. Avocado has a very filling effect and is therefore often used as a substitute for dinner with bread. This is especially useful because when we are full we are no longer so inclined to eat sweet things to satisfy our hunger. So avocado can definitely help you lose weight. So next time you have the choice between something sweet, like a chocolate bar, or an avocado, then take the avocado, which you can combine with many other things than with just a chocolate bar.

Avocado is very healthy!

And that brings us to a very popular point about eating avocado regularly: It’s healthy. Avocado contains vitamins E, B6 D and a lot of minerals like potassium. So for people who don’t like to eat apples or pears for whatever reason, they can instead eat an avocado, which can definitely be a substitute for the standard healthy meals of the day.

Avocado can be combined with many things

An avocado can be combined in many different ways. Some prefer avocado on a crunchy toast, with eggs, in guacamole or as a smoothie. It seems like there are endless ways to eat avocado, which will surprise anyone who has otherwise only eaten apples and bananas. There is no one-way to eat avocado, there are countless ways. This is also a big plus for convincing your fellow human beings to eat more avocado. Thats because if they don’t like avocado, they may have just tried one version of it. There are many different ways to teach people to love avocado.

An avocado is is surprisingly good.

The element of surprise is another factor that contributes to the great taste of avocado. You might be wondering what exactly the element of surprise has to do with it, but it’s easy to explain; An avocado looks unusual, unlike other things we know. Definitely not like a pear or an apple, more like a coconut. And when we open the avocado and eat we are surprised how sweet and creamy it actually tastes, not at all as the hard shell actually wanted to present it. So we store in our brain that an avocado always provides a positive surprise in a way. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the human psyche in recent years, it’s that we humans love positive surprises above anything!

Avocado makes us remember and imagine

Another reason many avocados love to eat is because it reminds them of something else. These can be memories from the early days of eating avocado, you are sharing a positive memory with. These can be memories of the first date you had with a person who you love dearly today, and with whom you may even be married today. The sweet memory at that time is associated with the avocado.

Avocado is unique in taste and in comparison

Another way an avocado can remind you is that it looks like a coconut. And what does a coconut remind us of? On lonely islands, palm trees, sea, freedom. Our brain loves these kinds of connections, it’s what makes up our intelligence. So if you are wondering why avocados taste so good when you bite into one imagining that you are lying comfortably on the beach of a lonely island with a coconut in your hand, you should stop wondering! These kinds of ideas are in our nature. They help us to escape from a stressful everyday life, to relax and to take us to a completely different place.

For people who have a very strong olfactory experience, avocado often has a unique smell that cannot be compared with anything. So that means that we internally rate this taste higher because it is rare, and make it taste better. However, this does not only apply to people who, smell better but also in general. It is a fact that an avocado is a not entirely common fruit like everything else. We value it, and things that we value automatically taste better to us. A somewhat drastic but appropriate comparison is a patient discharged from the hospital. In the following days he will be more aware of everything because there was a risk that he might lose it forever. Whether the birds are singing, the taste of the ice cream, everything is more valuable, unique than usual. It may fizzle out after a few days, similar to the avocado, but it is definitely something we value and will influence on our taste – experience.

We are used to eat avocado

If we have been used to eating avocado since childhood, later it has become part of our pure human existing, a part of us. And even if a lot of things in our brains change over our lifetime, taste is more a matter of habit, a thing that we have to give a chance. So if you have been eating avocado since early on, it will be much easier to eat them regularly, than someone who has just started.

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