Why do my can openers keep breaking?

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Everyone knows this situation. As an exception, you treat yourself to a quick, ready-made meal from the can and the stupid thing breaks again! That just happened to me with my can of ravioli, which I then had to force open with a knife. Everyone should be aware that this is not the best solution. At all.

After that, I did some research, and for you who have similar problems enjoying your well-deserved meal, I put together a list of questions you might ask yourself!
First of all: don’t throw away your can opener, you may be surprised, but it may still have a use.

Personally, I’ve been using an electric can opener for a few years because I thought, WHY do I have to deal with this crap every time? This is a waste of my life! Well, at least I linked it to you below, it’s serving me for now over 2 years, without any problems. Otherwise, try the following tips …!

And let’s go!

Can openers keep breaking easily because you either misuse them or they are of poor quality. You can prevent this by either opening cans correctly or by getting a better-quality can opener.

Yes that’s right! Maybe you should grab your own nose first before blaming the manufacturing company. But don’t worry, below is a helpful article on how to use the different types of can openers.

But here are a few tips on how to keep your can opener from breaking:

Store your can opener in a location where it is unlikely to fall off. Your children or siblings shouldn’t play with your can opener either, on the one hand because it can of course be dangerous, on the other hand because children love to break things.

Clean your can opener. Believe it or not, even the best can opener in the world has to be cleaned sometimes to keep it working. Find out how to do this the best way further down this blog post.

Don’t wash your can opener too often either! This could drastically shorten the life of your can opener. You should only wash it when you need to, for example if you dropped it on the dirty floor or accidentally made a mess. It is enough to wipe it off with a wet washcloth after using it properbly.

You can also try oiling your can opener to get the joints active again. Sometimes, like your bike, it needs some oil to function properly again. Use simple vinegar oil and rub your can opener well on the affected areas. Then let it sit for about half an hour.

How to open a can without making noise?

Sneaking into the kitchen at night, getting a can with the coveted ravioli, or a pasta pot, and then open it quietly, so that no one in the family will notice what you are doing. Or worse, THEY KNOW YOU HAVE RAVIOLI.

Not so easy to say, as done. Here are a few tips that I personally use to enjoy my midnight meal in peace:

The first tip I can give you, which is only for you, if you can be patient a little longer right now, is to put your can in the freezer for a few minutes. Optimally with ice cubes, of course. This will take the pressure off the can in a short amount of time, actually, you will need to wait about a quarter to half an hour. But in the end, this is making it much easier to open the can silently.

I personally use this method, when I want to make myself a cup of tea at night. It can be quit tricky in a clairaudient household, but give it a try: Open the can in another room and lock the door if possible. If there is no other room, just step outside and do it there. Being another room, you don’t have to worry about making noises anymore. But don’t make the mistake and try to open the can with a knife. This is dangerous and stupid, and can you get injured very quickly!

Here is a less self-murderess option:

Open the can with a spoon:
1.) Take the spoon and grasp it as far down as possible, to get the greatest possible strength.
2.) Place the spoon in one place on the outer edge and rub with the tip until a hole shows up. Keep up the pressure, otherwise everything would be in vain!
3.) Repeat this in several places until you can easily open the can with your hand.
4.) Tada! Now carefully remove the lid from the can, the best thing to do is to use a tea towel to avoid cutting yourself with the sharp edge of the can!

Good Appetite!

How to use a can opener?

If you have a can opener at home, you will be able to open your can to get to the well-loved meal relative quickly. There are of course many ways, to open a can, depending on which can opener you have. However, the principle that differs is always the same. You open a can by cutting off the can’s lid. Don’t be frustrated if it’s not working for you in your first time because, like everything in life, it’s a matter of practice.

Here is a little tutorial:

Take the can opener and use the pliers to place it on the side of the can and the edge of the can. Make sure the small cutting wheel is on the can. Then grab the pliers and squeeze hard!

Done! You now hear a click. Turn the crank of the can opener until the can is open from all sides. If you haven’t seen whether the dose is already open, here’s a little tip: Always follow your nose!

Be careful when opening the dose, because the can lid is still on the can opener. Then open it up and follow the instructions of your can to prepare your meal the correct way.

And done! Good Appetite!

How often should you clean a can opener?

Clean your can opener every time you use it. Use a washcloth for this and go over everything. Basically you should wash it 1 to 2 times every month.

Shouldn’t you be doing any kind of experiments with your can opener, such as putting it in a pack of freshly purchased meat, it is unlikely that bacteria will form in the can opener anytime soon. As long as you use the can opener for cans only, everything is fine.

However, you should make sure to wash the can opener properly as soon as it has come into contact with, for example, a dirty floor or, when it possible, that it was otherwise contaminated with bacteria.

Of course, there are differences between the various can openers. There are, for example, the electric can openers, that cannot cope with a regular washing process very well. In that case, you should refer to the instructions for the can opener you bought.

Ultimately, it should of course also be said that for the next one who uses the can opener it is much nicer if it has already been cleaned and thus, a problem-free use is possible.

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