Why do apples taste better sliced? – Here’s the scientific answer!

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Do you know that feeling of satisfaction when you take your apple corer, take your apple and just press the pieces out of the corer? Some like to do it differently and cut the apple short and small with a knife. I personally prefer the first method.

Then you sit comfortably on the couch and pull yourself in one by one of these apple “snacks”. Yesterday I had a similar situation, and I asked myself (small pro tip: sweeten the sliced ​​apples with lemon to make it taste WAY better) after eating every single piece of the apple, why sliced ​​apples actually taste much better than whole apples?

And you and I are by far not the only person who thinks like this, as my recent research shows. Most people feel the same way, and not just when it comes to apples. Pears, bananas, and sometimes sliced ​​bread also have a similar effect on us.

In fact, there is a scientific reason why the little apple pieces taste better. A psychological aspect also plays a not subordinate role. But anyway!

Have fun reading!

Sliced ​​apples taste better because the release of polyphenol oxidase, which lurks in the cells of the apples, in combination with oxygen results in a better auromatic taste.

Yes, there is a scientific explaination for this. Kinda. Even if no company was previously willingly to do a study, thankfully there were some free-spirit scientists who took a close look at the whole thing.

Polyphenol is stated differently in each apple. Polyphenol, this is that makes an apple taste good or what color it is. They represent bioactive compounds, such as colorings, flavorings or tannins (found in wine, serves to ward off pests).

Another explanation is, as always, the human mind.

Your lovely grandma always served you sliced apples for dinner? Or when you have had dinner with your family, did somebody say “Hey, those sliced apples taste way more better than the normal ones” – and everyone agreed?!

Well, then the whole thing must have sticked with you through your life. Because if you were told something as a child, a belief, you usually stick to that for your whole life. Same goes for food. On the other hand, when you were geneally brought up to be a healthy eating person, you are simply enjoying apples, sliced or not, for your own good.

I mean. Others don’t even touch fruit with tongs.

It is also human nature to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. Instead of imagining devouring a whole apple at once, which triggers a great resistance in your head. You instead divide it up piece by piece. And enjoy every piece of it. You can apply this phenomenon to many other parts of your life as well.

Do sliced apples go bad faster?

A sliced apple goes bad faster because it loses moisture over time. It can be stored at room temperature for around a day, in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3-4 days. Sliced apples can be kept frozen for around 10-12 months.

It is better to eat a sliced apple on the same day as you cut it. In contrast to an uncut apple, which can be kept for around a week, the cut apple quickly loses moisture and is more prone to contamination.

If you decide to keep the sliced apples in the refrigerator for a few days, be sure to sprinkle them with citric acid so that they don’t turn brown too quickly. It’s best to put them on a lower level if your refrigerator is ventilated. If you follow these steps, your sliced apples should be edible much longer than usual!

Are pre sliced apples healthier than normal ones?

Pre-Slices apples are not healthier than normal apples. They are the opposite, they’re less economical for your wallet and more unhealthy than whole apples.

If you cut your apples yourself and don’t store them too long, it actually doesn’t make any difference whether your apple is cut or not. Because: an apple is still an apple.

The question is now: are the cut apples, already bought in the supermarket healthier than the normal apples?

They are not healthier. If you buy whole apples, you of course benefit from the fact that these come “directly from nature” and have not been cut into small pieces with large machines. If you’re not that big of a fan of industrialization in general, you should
buy your apples directly from the farmer anyway.

Of course, the price also plays a role here. And yes. Sliced ​​apples are by large more expensive than country apples when it comes to numbers. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the trick of “the slices apple” has now also reached ´the large companies office’s.

In addition, normal apples also contain the full extent of their skin, which, as is well known, is very good for your health. I’ve already written a blog post about this.

Of course, it also saves a lot of time if you just buy a few ready-made apples on the go, but logically this makes little sense if you can just cut apples yourself at home, squirt lemon on them, and wushh! You now have a perfect lunch snack for work or school. Simply use a standard apple corer for this.

How to slice apples thin?

If you don’t have an apple corer at hand, you shouldn’t be disappointed. There are many ways to turn your apple into small snacks. What you should generally pay attention to when cutting apples is, of course, for your own safety, do not use a 30 inches long knife to cut through a simple apple, and another advise: you need to remove the apple core.

There are a few methods of cutting an apple just for you. Neither of these variants is the “best”, just choose the one that suits you best and off you go!

Method 1.)

Place the apple face up on a cutting board. Pick up the knife that is best for you. Hold the apple firmly with your other hand.

Take the apple, and now lean it a little on your opposite side. Cut cuts of the same size, as big as your apple snacks should be, always right past the apple core.
When you’re done, cut the apple core out of the apple. Now you can cut the large pieces into even smaller pieces.

Good Appetite!

Method 2.)

Place your knife on top of the apple with the apple pointing upwards and cut it in two large pieces.

Use your knife to cut out the cores of the two apple pieces. Try to cut as flat as possible so that most of the apple is preserved.

Now you can divide the two large pieces into smaller pieces and, if you like, sweeten it with a little bit of lemon juice.

Good Appetite!

Method 3.)

Hold the apple upwards in your hand and cut it twice, once on the left and once on the right of the core, so that you still have three pieces: The two side pieces, and a piece that contains the apple core.

Hold the apple pieces with one hand and then cut again in parallel in the direction you have not yet cut. That on both sides. Your apple should now be divided into many small pieces.

Incidentally, this is the method that is most similar to the apple corer.

And done! Now just remove them from the apple corer. Personally, I always like to bite around the core of the apple piece to get the best out of it.

Again, I wish you bon appetito!

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