Here’s how 3 People microwaved their hands!

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What would happen if you microwave your hand?

Everyone of us uses the microwave in between, for example, to make a hot cup of cocoa or to reheat our tea. (Which, by the way, works quite well, even if every british in the would would whistle me left and right now.). The microwave is therefore a very useful companion in our everyday life, and should please stay with us for a long time!

However, there are also many who are crazy enough to put their own cell phone, shoes, or even their own pet in the microwave!

But there is even crazier stuff out there!
There are people out there who put their own hands in the microwave.

But as absurd as the question sounds. What would happen if you put your own hand in the microwave. How long could you hold out? And how would it feel? Spoiler: Don’t try it, read it!

And of course, have fun while reading!

So if you should have the unusual idea of ​​sticking your hand in the microwave, the first thing that would happen would be that the liquids in your hand would be heated by the magnetic rays of the microwave. In that case that would be your blood. Your blood would begin to boil and your hand would swell in a few seconds, the pain would be unbearable. To compare what that would look like, you could walk to the nearest supermarket and buy a pack of spare ribs and plug in the microwave. The effects on the meat would be kinda similar to your hand .

After all, they are good news too: microwaves do not cause cancer, since the electromagnetic waves act in a similar way to radio waves, in contrast to radioactive rays.

What would happen if you were wearing gloves?
If you covered your hands with gloves, they would start to smoke and eventually turn into a fire. So your gloves would by no means protect you. On the contrary: now your hand would be destroyed from two different sources. … That could definitely lead to some burns.

But to put it all into practice, no, no one will put their hand in the microwave for this, let’s look at three reports from people who have experienced it.

Story Number #1

One reported via. Reddit that he accidentally put his hand in the microwave for several seconds while he was checking to if it was still fully functional. He didn’t notice, that the microwave was still on. Interesting facts beside: A microwave itself, unlike the one we know, makes hardly any noise without the loud roaring and spinning inside the microwave. So while he put his hand in the microwave to get his coffee, it was still running. After a few seconds painfully reportet that he felt a quick, “shock-like, wavy” warmth in his hand, which at the same time triggered a stinging sensation in his bones. Unfortunately, he stuck his head in the microwave to see if everything was going well – that was a big mistake. Shortly afterwards he felt his vision diminish and all objects around him looked blurry. Fortunately, he quickly stumbled back into his chair, only realizing what had just happened. After he turned the microwave off, his vision straightened up again after a few seconds. It has had no long-term consequences.

Story Number #2

The second event occurred in Ohio, USA. An old couple wanted to put a turkey in the microwave again before Christmas dinner, to make sure it was already done. However, the door didn’t open because the turkey was a little too big for the microwave. The older gentleman (84) then resorted to a more “handy” method and placed his hand on the turkey while he was about to microwave it for about 15 minutes. It is unknown why exactly the microwave with the open door started, but it is believed that it was an old model, one of the first microwaves ever sold. About 10 seconds after the microwave with the turkey and his hand started spinning, his hand felt unusually warm. At first the 84 year old didn’t think much of it. It is important to know that the reactions of older people no longer work as well as in younger people. After about 20 seconds, he reported a sudden pain, as if he had accidentally reached into a wasp net with his hand: Then he finally pulled his hand out of the microwave and recognized his mistake. His wife then called the emergency doctor, who could not do much more. Unfortunately, he had to live the rest of his life with restrictions and sudden twitching in his right hand, which thankfully did not have to be imported.

Story Number #3

The third case is about a 54 year old housewife in England who had a very unusual hobby at this time: dealing with all kinds of electrical devices, taking them apart, reassembling them and rewiring them. It is interesting that she already had a certain amount of expertise, which shows that something like this could happen to anyone sooner or later.

So she was just about to unscrew the back of the microwave with her right hand while holding the microwave in one hand with her left, so that her hand went into the cavity of the microwave. After she was done, she plugged in the plug to check all electrical signals on the microwave’s back, but forgot to undo the override on the microwave, which meant that it could be switched on with the door open. The microwave went on, which she could hear from the sudden fan running. She responded quickly and pulled her hand out. However, it was already too late: the hand was swollen red and a visit to the doctor was inevitable. In the end, he charged her over £ 1,000 for the treatment, so it was a very expensive fun!

What would it feel like to be microwaved?

What would it feel like to be microwaved?

If you put your hand in your microwave, you would notice after about 5 seconds that your hand would heat up. After 10 seconds, your skin color would change slightly and the blood in your hand would slowly start boiling through the microwaves.

You would feel microwaves penetrate your hand and it would start to hurt.

Now it would have been the time to finally take your hand out of the microwave.

However, if you continue, you will probably no longer feel your hand at some point. The experience would of course be different for everyone.

But seeing his own hand go from a painful swollen thing to a completely numb “thing” would be certain a horror experience for everyone. Presumably after about 30 seconds we would lose consciousness from shock, which would finally end the process.

The long-term consequences would be drastic as your hand would likely have to be amputated.

So in general it is definitely not a good idea to stick your hand in the microwave (if you can, however, bypass the microwave system) – not even for a few seconds!

Why you shouldn’t put your hand in the microwave.

As you can see from the three stories, putting your hand or any other part of your body in the microwave is definitely not a good idea as it can cause long-term damage to your tissues, cause severe pain, and possibly cause you have your hand amputated.

However, there was also a case where a lady put her kittie in the microwave for a minute to dry it after a cat bath, which unfortunately died. Since then, microwave manufacturers in the US have had to make excessive warnings that it is forbidden to put your pets in the microwave for whatever reason. This case is well known, but I just had to tell it.

The bottom line is, you should only use your microwave to make a heat pillow or a cup of hot chocolate.

Psst: If your cocoa is bitter after you’ve put it in the microwave, check out my blog post on the topic: How to make your cocoa less bitter!

Thank you for reading!

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