What will happen if we eat ice cubes everyday? – Make these changes today!

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Throwing an ice cube into your drink here and there can be very refreshing, especially in the hot seasons. It seems to be the perfect addition to a cold limonade while sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun. But they are some people out there who prefer to simply stick the raw ice cubes down their throats. Some buy the raw ice cubes in the supermarket, others in turn store them in the refrigerator.

However, can daily consumption of ice cubes, for example in a soda, really have harmful and lasting consequences for your health? I asked myself that earlier the day, and then did some research and asked around people I know. I would like to present the results to you as extensively as possible in this blog post!

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What will happen if we eat ice cubes every day?

Consuming ice cubes every day could damage your teeth, making them more brittle and fragile. Additionally, craving itself can indicate pagophagia, an excessive craving to eat ice cream.

Chewing ice can be a very satisfying and stress relieving response, but it will make you feel pain in the jaw area in the long run. Even if it’s not as bad as smoking or cigarettes in the long term, it is better to put the ice cube in the glass with water!

Have you been eating raw ice cubes for a long time? Then read this blog post carefully as this could also be a disease!

Pagophagy is the keyword here. It is not very well known, but very interesting.

Pagophagy describes the desire to eat things that are actually inedible for a long time. Some people even find it disgusting. It is important to know that in order to have pagophagia, you must have had symptoms for at least a month. People with pagophagia would even chew on a refrigerator just to satisfy their addiction when they happen to have no ice cubes at home. A symptom of pagophagia can be a burning or paralyzing feeling in your mouth, coming from your tongue.

There is another factor about the possible damage to your teeth, which is of course not particularly nice:
Generally speaking, it is important to know where the ice cream actually comes from. In southern countries the ice cream does not have the same quality as Europe or the USA. So you should be careful here if you want to take this addiction with you on vacation to Africa. If you ignore it, you could get diseases like hepatitis A or typhus here. So watch out!

What you can do about ice addiction or pagophagia.

First of all, of course, it would be wise decision to have the doctor clarify you first. He would run a few tests with you and also take blood, so nothing bad at all.
Once that is cleared up, a simple iron deficiency is a possible reason for the constant craving. You can compensate for iron deficiency by taking dietary supplements, or compensating some iron-containing products such as meat or green vegetables.

What are the benefits of eating ice?

Sucking ice cubes has the same effect as drinking water. Drinking water regularly helps to keep your body temperature normal, ensures the proper functioning of your organs and blood production, makes your skin softer and also reduces stress.

If you’re one of those people who constantly experience dry mouths, ice cubes can help; However, it is important not to chew the ice, as this could damage your teeth.

Can eating ice cubes cause pneumonia?

Pneumonia in itself cannot be caused by simply consuming ice cubes. From the point at which you swallow the ice cubes, they are brought to body temperature in your body and become water. Excessive water consumption can lead to overhydration in the long term.

The likelihood of overhydration damage from ice cubes is of course very low, since you would have to consume several kilograms of ice cubes a day to do that. From that point on, the body slowly begins to strike and you may also begin to vomit out of disgust, which would represent a protective reaction of your body.

So try not to overdo it with the consumption of ice cubes, and do them in a cool glass of water with a straw! This not only makes you a lot cooler, but also saves you an appointment at the dentist

And if you’re wondering that, eating ice cubes can’t trigger cancer. The most common triggers for cancer, are smoking, exposure to too many radioactive rays, viruses or other infections.

And after that was done, another question that was often asked:

Does eating ice cubes cause pimples?

Since ice cubes are only found in frozen water, ice cubes themselves cannot cause pimples. However, this changes if you eat ice cubes that are not of good quality or have a questionable origin.

If you happen to get pimples after eating ice cubes, the chances that they are interrelated are very small. To be on the safe side, make your own ice cubes or ask where they come from and act accordingly.

What can still be said here in general: The quality standards of ice cubes are not the same in southern countries as in Europe, for example.

Does eating ice cubes cause infertility?

Ice cubes cannot adjust your fertility. In contrast, it can even help in the long term to reduce stress and is administered by many as a home remedy.

In general, try not to worry too much and, if you have questions like this, go straight to the gynecologist, who with his expertise has the best answer to such questions. You don’t have to be ashamed in any way that you might appear “stupid”, no, it is very responsible if you worry, and you will surely find a lot of understanding!

Can eating ice cubes cause sickness?

If you feel sick for several days after consuming ice cubes, you should consult your doctor. However, eating ice cubes by itself does not cause sickness.
It could be problematic if, for example, you were on vacation in Africa and bought ice cubes in the supermarket. These do not have the same quality standards as in Europe or the USA. Therefore, make sure that you have eliminated these possible reasons!

The end of the line.

Well and the bottom line is, that ice cubes are not bad companions in our daily life. They serve as a stress reliever for one or the other, like a cigarette, a glass of wine or tobacco for others. Of course it is clear that ice cubes are the better choice than the consumption of unhealthy stuff!

Ice cubes are best for simply adding them to your drink and then letting them do their job. They keep the drink cold much longer than without it. In summer they are quite a refreshing change. They can also change your taste experience permanently. For example, if you’re someone who eats sugary foods a lot, this could be a slightly different, fun way to drink more water and reduce your chances of developing dehydration.

Ice cubes can also help change your eating habits. The empty taste can have a calming effect and is now and then a change for your body, which is otherwise used to a lot of sugar, salt and sausage. Perhaps it is even possible to train yourself to have a better long-term tolerance for healthier foods that you would otherwise find inedible under the current high sugar consumption.

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