What makes cooking itself difficult? – And here’s how to fix it!

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Cooking can be very difficult sometimes. Personally, I have been cooking for a number of years and I still have difficulty frying raw meat or frying a fish that still retains the crust.
If you are one of those people who have trouble doing this, don’t worry, you are not alone! I just did some research and found out a few tips and tricks why cooking is so difficult for us.

Finally, after reading this blog post, you gain a few tips on what you can change your behavior in order to become a real professional chef!

Have fun while reading!

What makes cooking difficult?

Cooking can be very difficult because the cook lacks judgment, has not yet developed a sense of time for preparing the delicacy, or is too impatient. The fear of improper preparation can also be another reason why cooking is difficult.

All of this may sound a bit harsh at first, but it’s not that bad. Don’t take it personally. You just have to somehow learn and master all things in life. No master has fallen from the sky yet.

First of all, of course, it is important to know that cooking is definitely not for everyone. However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing it anyway. Even if you may not be a natural, cooking is a skill that anyone can learn. And when I say everyone, I MEAN it too, after all, I learned it too.

First of all, there are of course many things that you may have to learn properly. For example the timing. When is it ready? How do I check if it’s done? Both questions can be answered quite easily by looking at the back of the packaging. That sounds banal, of course, but it’s not that unimportant because the manufacturer should know best how the product should be cooked. When cooking meat, there should generally be no raw remains left and the inside should not be cold.

Here’s a little pro tip. If you’ve fried meat for as long as the package insert says, but it’s still cold on the inside, and it’s already starting to burn on the outside, then try the following: Take the pieces of meat and put them all in the microwave for around 5-7 minutes. ATTENTION: This is only possible if it has already been fried a long time, the microwave cannot under any circumstances replace the frying! Then it should finally be ready.

How to cook fish properly
My personal experience is that frying crusted fish is just extremely difficult. In the meantime, I just prefer to put the fish in the oven for about 13 minutes, until it has turned relatively well brown. And yes, that works even if it is not specified on the back of the package insert. Of course, I’m only speaking from my personal experience, and if you’re still a beginner, I would in principle advise you to read the instructions, but with some products this works really well.

From time to time you naturally gain more experience, that should be noted here again.

Proportionality when it comes to cooking
No matter what you fry, it is important how thick it is. For example, if you’re frying three large schnitzels and two fish fingers in a pan, you can’t seriously expect both to be done at the same time. Much more, the fish fingers will already start to turn black before the schnitzel is even remotely done. So, that’s definitely a thing to watch out for when you foreskin to prepare edible food.

Set a timer when you cook even as non-beginner
If you don’t have a good sense of time, that’s not a problem either. Just set a timer on your mobile phone or at the stove. If you don’t find any specific information on the back or anywhere else on the packaging, you can regularly set a timer for 5 minutes to see if it’s already done. With raw meat, you can usually expect about 15 minutes until it’s done on medium-high.

Don’t rely too much on a sense of time.
Some of you may have been chefs for years and have developed a good feeling for the best way to cook food in the pan. However, everyone can have days when they are just not in a good mood or are very thoughtful. The focus on taking the food off the heart in good time can quickly move into the background! Therefore always important: set the timer!

The fear of cooking.

Fear, our everyday companion, can of course also strike when it’s time for cooking! Is it the fear of a fire breaking out or that something is wrong with the preparation so that the food is completely inedible afterwards, there are almost countless reasons why some are afraid of cooking.

In principle, it is always best to face your fears if possible. If you get extreme panic as soon as you touch the stove with a finger, you should perhaps seek psychological help who can help you further.

Otherwise, here are a few tips on how to best deal with fear or cook better in general.

How to make your cooking better

Start cooking very simple things, like scrambled eggs. Nothing can go wrong with this. You can find instructions for this all over the Internet. So start small first and then slowly work your way up. Only later, when you have already had enough experience with cooking simple things, think about what you can take as a side dish, for example. Maybe you can leave things like that to your parents or someone else for now. First, focus on cooking those little things until you get to pass over the big fish’s.

Watch someone cook.
Watching someone cooking can be enough to gain some practical experience. Just as it is easier for children to get a driver’s license who used to watch their parents drive, you will also find it easier to cook if you watch someone cook. Whoever the cooking person may be, the main thing is that he already has some experience.

Check out YouTube videos
The internet platform YouTube, which provides us with memes, cat videos and other cool stuff every day, can also help us with cooking. This also includes famous cooking stars who are on TV all around the clock. Important to know here is that those cooking shows, unlike tutorials, are purely for entertainment and are often very imprecise.

However, if you really want to cook something from a cooking show that you recently saw, then it is usually worth taking a look at their website, where the last live shows are listed.

Anyway, you will definitely find a lot of help on YouTube, the keywords here are, for example, “Cooking tips for beginners”, “How to cook X”, “How to Master Cooking Skills”.

Get a cookbook.
If you want to approach it less digitally and more old-fashioned, you can also get a cookbook. Don’t worry, today’s cookbooks are not written in an ancient, illegible script and without pictures. No, most cookbooks these days are very extensive, funny, contain a lot of pictures and above all are one thing: helpful

Finally, one more important thing: like many things in life, cooking is a learning process, a learning process that never ends. Even the greatest cooking stars in the world still find it difficult to estimate when raw meat or a steak is really ready. Finding the perfect balance between still unfinished or already burning is difficult for everyone, even for those who have been practicing it for years.

Over the years, you will certainly learn some useful tips and tricks that you have either thought up yourself or copied from others. The most important thing is never to stop learning and who knows, maybe you will end up to be the next winner at “Chef’s Table”

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