Should you put a lock on my bedroom door? – And here’s why!

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Should you put a lock on my bedroom door?

In general, it is not a bad idea to have a lock on your bedroom door. One of the main reasons is of course better privacy and if you lock your room then people will respect your privacy for the moment. Even if you have children, this is a great way to show them clearly that knocking on the door is the right way to appreciate the privacy of others, instead of running straight into the room.

However, there is an argument that many may make, maybe even within your families. The security argument: if a fire breaks out and your door is locked, it will be more difficult for you or others to save you. Even if your key is in the lock (in the case you lock your door at night) and a fire breaks out, you will be very panicked and maybe you drop the key.

Locking doors & burglars

If you are afraid of burglars or other people who want to harm you and want to install a lock in your room door for this reason instead, there are some better options listed here that may apply to you

Alternatives to locking doors

1.) Install cameras to deter burglars.
2.) Leave the lights on in a room that is visible from the outside.
3.) Watch out for cars that you don’t know and report them to the police if necessary, or when you are unsure.
4.) Install lights that come on when someone approaches your house.
5.) Let the burglar know that you are there.
Put up signs like “Dog is awake, “Safe Neighborhood”.

If you feel unsure right now, there is yet another option that might be something for you, and that is the option of installing a simple sliding lock. That has the full advantages of both options I already discussed. First, even if you are in a panic, it is much easier to use a sliding lock, than to look for the key AND then put it in to unlock the door. Furthermore, that would protect your privacy just as well for normal lock. Same goes for security. But of course only if it does not break, we have a safe one already tested sliding lock linked which meets all quality standards to keep you secure.

If you live in a shared apartment or if your current location does not allow you to choose any of these options, I would advise you to barricade your room, if you need time for yourself. This is best done with height adjustable chairs. Just put the chair under the door handle, make sure that you have pressed it down with your weight, and then let it slowly move upwards. This takes a bit of practice, but it will certainly work over time.

Another tip, that helped many people a lot is, to put an object on top of the chair, such as a full water bottle, that will tip over if anyone tries to forcefully break into your room. It wakes you up from the sound.

Can you lock a bedroom door from the outside?

To lock your room door from the outside you’ll need a regular lock, which can be locked with a key. Otherwise there is no reliable method to lock your room from the outside.

Most room doors do not have a lock from the outside. The question is now, to what extent you can influence that. If you live alone, it is of course not a problem to simply replace the lock, but if you live, for example, in a shared apartment, the whole thing is a trust problem, which is, by the way, completely understandable.
The best thing to do is to ask the person who manages this room. If you don’t succeed , try something different:

For example: Try to pretend that someone is in your room so that no one comes in, or you can just play music through your bluetooth box or something similar. In the evening, maybe leave the light’s on so other people think, you are still active. But don’t make it so obvious.

If you really don’t trust your fellow human beings, you can make hints, e.g. that you have secretly installed cameras in your room or that you always have your room under observation, no one will invade your room, if they think you are a total psycho.This is a very effective way to keep people from waving around in your privacy. Hanging up signs also helps.

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