How often should you take the trash out? – Don’t make these mistakes again!

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It depends of which kind of trash you wan’t to take out.

Here is a list:

Type of trash:How often per week:
plastic waste1 time per week
rest waste3 times per week
biological waste5 times per week
waste paper1 time per week

How often should you take out the rest waste?

Since insects, grubs, maggots, or mushrooms Spread especially in warmer temperatures, you should make sure to take out the trash regularly. We recommend 4-5 times a week, depending on the season.

If you have thrown something in the trash that tends to rot quickly, you should take the trash out in good time (

In winter you can take out the trash 3-4 times a week.

How often should you take out the plastic waste?

As long as you do not put any food in the plastic waste, only plastic items, it is sufficient to take it out once a week.

How often should you take out the waste paper?

If you don’t throw any organic products in the trash, you only have to take them out once a week. What you have to consider with paper waste is that residual waste can easily creep in if the packaging is still unopened. This should be avoided at all costs to avoid any spread.

How often should you take out your kitchen trash?

Unless you’re throwing things in the trash that can rot, it’s enough to take the trash out when it starts to fill up. We recommend at least once a month.

Sometimes things like raw meat, leftovers from old dishes, or sometimes even baby diapers end up in the kitchen trash. First of all, it should be noted that this does not actually end up in the kitchen trash, but you do it that way, it should be treated as biological waste.

How often should you take out biological waste?

You should bring out the organic waste around every 2 days.However, if you leave the trash standing a little longer, we recommend youget yourself a smaller container, so you are forced to use itto bring out more often. Grass from the garden should be chopped up first before it’s put in the bin.

What can you do about maggots in your bin?

  • Spray the garbage with vinegar, this is corrosive to most larvae. spread it over the garbage
  • Use salt to drain and eliminate the maggots. Again, spread it over the garbage
  • Sprinkle washing powder over the garbage can, it won’t leave the maggots air to breathe.
  • Use slaked lime to suffocate the maggots
  • Take boiling water with a little bit of bleach and pour it over the trash.
  • If this all won’t help, if all of that doesn’t help, you can ultimately opt for insecticide put. Caution is advised.

Why you shouldn’t rely on the smell

Especially if you’ve put the garbage somewhere or it’s in the shade, it can take a long time for the smell to spread in the room. That doesn’t change the fact that maggots and other insects like to spread in household garbage.

Prevent maggot infestation or the spread of smells

You get rid of smell from trash can by

  • keeping the humidity low
  • cleaning your trash can
  • wrap leftover food in newspaper
  • leave the lid open if possible
  • installing a filter cover
  • baking soda to reduce odors

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