How many apples are bad for you? – Improve your health today!

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. – A very well-known proverb that has a lot to do with scientific facts. Apples provide our body with plenty of vitamins, as well as a lot of fiber, minerals and fillers. For some, an apple is enough for dinner – how enviable.

However, one or the other of course also raises the question: Can you overdo it with the daily consumption of apples? We all know it’s very unhealthy to have a Big Mac at McDonalds or a couple of french fries every day, but even with the consumption of healthy food, there still is a catch. Like for example more than two bananas a day are scientifically not recommended, and can even have negative effects on health.

To what extent this also applies to apples, I would like to cover in detail in this blog post.

I hope you enjoy reading.

How many apples are bad for you?

You shouldn’t eat more than two apples a day. Otherwise, the fructose in apples could cause long-term damage to your teeth.

If you are now worried that you may have not followed this rule every day, then do not worry for now. After all, it’s not a shame to eat something healthy regularly. Only excessive consumption makes it dangerous. And in general: it is better to eat a lot of fruit than to pour in a pudding and five pieces of cake every day. Eating healthily is all a matter of practice, which you will certainly be able to do if you take the time to read this post.

A person metabolizes around 25 – 80 grams of fructose per day (if you are wondering what a metabolism is: The body needs this to supply every cell in your body and to dispose of toxins and waste materials. It “takes the garbage out”) . Anything above that is not recommended.

If you can still remember visits from the dentist during your school time and you were advised to eat a maximum of one handful of fruit a day – then they were right. Even if, unfortunately, it is hardly mentioned that it should not be MORE than one hand per day. So with one or two apples a day you are doing very well.

What would happen if you eat more than 3 apples a day?
Your teeth could suffer in the long term. According to some studies, apple acid is even more harmful than the consumption of unhealthy carbonated drinks.

General benefits of eating apples.
The high amount of fiber in apples makes you feel less hungry. Therefore, they are also well suited for a diet with some other foods combined. I have already covered in detail in another blog post why you shouldn’t diet only with apples: CLICK HERE!

There is also a lot of evidence that apples help to fight colon cancer and other types of cancer. Of course, that doesn’t mean that an apple is now the miracle cure for cancer. No, unfortunately not. However, it definitely can’t do any harm. So if one of your friends is an absolute health freak, feel free to pass this tip on. 🙂

Apples are very healthy because they contain a large amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C exist’s to stimulate connective tissue, bones and the absorption of iron. It makes you less prone to heart disease, is a great help against fatigue, and can even replace your morning coffee. It even strengthens your immune system. Especially now in the current season of the year, it is very useful to protect yourself from infection.

Instead of watching Netflix in front of the TV in the evening and eating chips, you should sit in front of the TV and eat an apple. Yes, you didn’t mishear that. Apples actually have a great positive effect on your nightlife. The contained B vitamins potassium and phosphorus calm your nerves and let you fall asleep with less stress! – Incidentally, this applies not only to apples, but to almost all types of fruit that contain vitamin B.

Your chlorestin level is also positively influenced by regular apple consumption. Chlorestin itself is involved in many metabolic processes in your brain and is important for your fat digestion. Apples ensure that your chlorestine level is lowered, which means that you can enjoy better health in the long term, especially when you are already in old age!

Negative side of eating apples.
If you just recently came up with the idea of ​​living a healthier, more sporty and active lifestyle, and you want to take this path with a high apple consumption, then this fact may put a damper on you. Due to the high fiber of Apples (which also have many advantages) you may have to expect stomach pain at first. This is because your body is not yet used to taking in so much fiber at once, but rather to the amount of unhealthy food you ate before. Water clearly helps cooling it down, so always drink a lot so that you can get through this time better! It is worth it!

Allergic reactions to apples.
If you are allergic to birch trees, that could be a problem. Because anyone who has a birch allergy can theoretically also show allergic reactions to apples. Your body’s reaction to apples is of course different than everyone else. However, hives (rash spreading mainly on the arms and legs) is one of the most common reactions to an allergy to apples. A cream like FeniHydrocort usually helps against such a rash, but that ultimately depends on you.

Pesticides in Apples
If you are one of those people who are very concerned about the purity of your food, then first: you are not alone and secondly this could become a problem here. Since apples, unlike bananas, are not made of a thick shell, some pesticides tend to settle there, which you might accidentally eat. This is harmless in small quantities. To counter this problem, you can either buy organic apples or wash your apples thoroughly with hot water.

Apples contain a lot of calories. If you eat more than 5 apples a day, which, according to us, is not very recommendable, and also eat other high-calorie foods, you can gain a lot of weight very quickly. For this reason it is not recommended to go on an apple diet alone, instead combine it with other food. In addition, an apple naturally also contains fructose. Even if it is generally better to reach for an apple than a chocolate bar, excessive consumption of fructose will have similar consequences as an unhealthy diet: These include fatigue, circulatory disorders, diabetes and indigestion.

Conclusion: healthy apple consumption has positive effects when consuming around 1-2 apples per day, and is a lifestyle that you should definitely follow. But set yourself a limit of 3 apples a day, otherwise the positive aspects can disappear very quickly!

Here are a few general tips on how you can make your life healthier in the long term!

You should start a healthy lifestyle small. If you’ve gone to McDonalds every day before and suddenly just want to live on salad and apples, then I can tell you that your chances of success are relatively small! This is not because you lack of willpower, but because you are using your motivation or willpower incorrectly. Willpower alone is not enough. If that was the case, millions of people would have stopped smoking. No, what is important is to slowly get used to a healthy style and to build a positive relationship with it.

Children who have been taught from childhood to always eat vegetables, even when they are no longer hungry, are unlikely to develop a good relationship with healthy eating. Doesn’t that make sense? But that can also be applied to your everyday life. Try not to force yourself to eat something.

The problem is, that many people have a misconception about healthy eating. As I said, trying to eat only salad for a week will not lead to any result and harm your health and your attitude towards healthy eating, instead why not make a bowl of different types of fruit for your nutella bread?

Swap your unhealthy candy for a bowl of apples or some berries. Because what many forget: healthy food can taste very good!

If you see some healthy, sweet fruit every day instead of the temptation to have a muffin, you may, over time, adopt a healthy lifestyle. And that without any compulsion!

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