How can I make my hot chocolate less bitter? – Read this to improve your experience!

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Cocoa is part of the breakfast in many households from childhood on. The healthy alternative to morning coffee is popular everywhere in the world. The reason why cocoa is so healthy is the high calcium content, which covers part of the daily raw materials that our body needs every day. There is around 160mg of calcium in 100g of pure cocoa, compared to milk it is just 125mg.

Although it must be said quite clearly here that there is a difference between indistructive and pure cocoa. More on that later.

However, there are also many people out there who find pure cocoa far too bitter without any additives, I count myself among those people as well. For this reason I sat down in front of the computer and did some research and found some useful answers and facts that I would like to present.

But first of all an interesting historical fact: at first only corez and sugar were obtained from the cocoa plants, which e.g. helped the Spanish conqueror Cortez to further expand his empire. Even then, cocoa itself was far too bitter for Europeans.

How can you make your hot chocolate less bitter?

To make your hot chocolate less bitter, add some salt and sugar to it. Or look for branded cocoa in the nearest supermarket. You can also try to add some milk or honey.

It is actually entirely a matter of taste. I have another tip for you, if your cocoa is still too bitter for you, then look for dark chocolate in the nearest supermarket. When you get home, melt them in the microwave for a few seconds and add them to your cocoa, the whole thing results in a very delicious taste!

What you should pay attention to, is not to buy chocolate drinks, these are mainly made of sugar and have little in common with actually healthy cocoa. So it is best to buy a pure cocoa and then sweeten it yourself in a controlled manner, instead of leaving that to any company.

If you have too little time on the go, you can simply prepare a cocoa at home with a thermal jug. The heat usually lasts for several hours, depending on which thermal jug you bought, so that you can enjoy your cocoa healthily even after you leave home.

Why is cocoa so bitter?

The beans of a cocoa tree are bitter in themselves and don’t taste like the usual milky, creamy chocolate. The taste of regular chocolate is only so good only because of the detour of today’s indistructured world.

It is astonishing, that cocoa beans are the only beans that contain so many valuable nutrients such as iron, antioxidants or magnesium. However, the healthy effect of chocolate fades relatively quickly these days when you consider the additives that are pumped into this chocolate. Even very simple milk neutralizes the effects of antioxidants (which are good for combating oxidative stress).

A high-quality chocolate makes up around 70 percent of cocoa. The best of these is raw chocolate, in which the ingredients are not only destroyed by heating, but instead contains pure cocoa powder.

There is also good news here for those who don’t like morning very much. Cocoa has a similar awakening effect as coffee – the active ingredient theobromine awakens the spirits and can even help while having a cold.

Why is dark chocolate disgusting for some people?

The reason that many people don’t like bitter cocoa or dark chocolate is very subjective. Some may have grown up eating a little more sugar in their childhood and are not used to such a bitter, non-sugary taste, others were more likely told to eat healthy, even when it’s bitter, so that they are used to it from childhood.

However, there are also people who cannot cope with bitter chocolate and therefore avoid it. They cannot really be offended. After all, anyone who has had such a disgusting experience completely avoids repeating it. The whole thing is very human and understandable.

If you want to encourage someone in your environment to try having a bitter one (if at least 70% made from cocoa to maintain the healthy effect), you can first try to offer him a small piece of dark chocolate in conjunction with something he does likes, for example, with coffee in the morning. Some people are so easily persuaded to adopt a healthier lifestyle. For their own good.

The first taste of dark chocolate may be a bit unusual, but it can have very positive effects on health, as already described in the previous text.
You shouldn’t force anyone to do so, however, it is in your best interest to listen to your own body for taste. But it is not bad to try a few new things in between, even if you have had negative experiences in the past. For example, as a child I never liked zucchini. Today it belongs to every 3rd meal I eat, simply because I had something back then.

How do you dissolve cocoa powder in coffee?

Cocoa powder is dissolved in coffee by adding one teaspoon of unheaped cocoa powder per pot of ground coffee. Then everything is poured over with hot, not boiling water, drawn and served.

Here are a few more tips to better enjoy your morning coffee:

-> If the whole thing is a bit too chocolaty for your taste aromas, here is a trick: Dilute the coffee with a dash of milk, you will be surprised at the suddenly nutty taste you feel.

-> Always add a small pinch of salt to the coffee, for cinnamon lovers: you can also add a little cinnamon, but not too much of it, otherwise it could affect the taste of your coffee too much.

-> If you only care about the taste, you can just take some instant cocoa and pour it over the coffee.

-> A little syrup sometimes doesn’t do any harm either, personally it wouldn’t be my taste because I’m an absolute syrup hater, but if you like it, you are welcome to try it!

How do you make hot chocolate taste better with water?

If you would like to enjoy your coffee, but have no additives at home other than water, you can use the tricks listed below. Please note that water is not the best way to improve the taste of your cocoa. A pinch of salt and sugar paired with a little honey would be the best.

Milk itself makes cocoa creamier and sweeter, but use water instead of milk. It allows the chocolate to develop a more unique taste than what you already know. Add about 1/4 water to your cocoa, mix it and enjoy!

The negative consequences of cocoa.

Unfortunately, the instruuell processed end product is not as healthy as the cocoa beans themselves.

Doctors recommend consuming chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa content, and that with a daily dose of at least 20 grams. Because in addition to all these positive properties, cocoa also has negative effects on health.

  • The very high fat and sugar content increases the risk of obesity in the long term or of associated cardiovascular problems.
  • Depending on the origin, cocoa can be more or less contaminated with camium. Even if there are no limit values ​​for them, there is a claim that this can cause lasting damage to the kidney and bones.
  • Acne is also thought to be another negative effect of instrual chocolate.

In general, it can be said that the good performance of cocoa is nullified by adding milk and sugar. After ingesting pure cocoa, even a short-term increase in the performance of the brain or a reduction in physical stress is possible. As is often the case, it is a problem of society. For this reason, we have to pay close attention to where our cocoa comes from and how we enjoy it with a clear conscience!

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