Here are 5 reasons why we LOVE to toast bread!

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Everyone knows how to make a toast with cheese or salami for breakfast. And I guess some of you really enjoy it. Toast is used by children at school as school lunch, at work for a snack in between, and is also good to use during picnics.

However, have you ever wondered why we toast our toast? And not just toast but all kinds of bread in general.

Personally, I consider myself one of those people who even toast grain bread or black bread until even the softest bread in the world is crispy down to the last crumb. Well, Is that so healthy? I recently asked around a bit and researched why people toast their bread, although it is well known that toasting bread is not that healthy. I would like to present the results here in this blog post!

Why do we toast bread?

We toast our bread because it is either a matter of taste or has been a habit for many years. Toasting bread also helps restore the taste of bread that has been stored for a long time.

There are many reasons why people prefer to toast their bread. The first and probably the most obvious reason is probably the taste. The crispy, sometimes dry taste of toasted bread is much more enjoyable for some than a juicy, as yet un-toasted bread. Not without reason there is bread that is called “toast” – and is made to be put in the toaster.

The smell of toasted bread

The smell also plays a significant role. Anyone who woke up on a Saturday morning and already had the smell of freshly baked rolls in their nose before even starting to breakfast, can probably understand this reason very well: The mere smell of toasted bread already gives them a good feeling in their stomach and they immediately feel like eating it all together! Lovely!

Dopamine as a reason for toasting

Binting into a crusty bread certainly triggers what is known as “dopamine” in the brain area of ​​some poeple. The brain rewards us when we do something that is supposedly good for us. Unfortunately, this organism does not always work as well as you can see, for example, from the effects of smokers or chip eaters. It triggers a kind of “satisfied” feeling in many that lasts throughout their lives. That’s one of the reasons why we have good habits and bad habits.

Forming a habit out of toasting bread

Those who have been used to it from childhood will probably not want to do it any other way: Perhaps you shake your head every time you see someone from the family puts the freshly fetched brown bread straight into the toaster. But once learned is learned and cannot be changed again anytime soon. I will discuss whether toasting bread is actually healthy in another part of this blog post.

Toasting old, stored bread

Another plausible reason why many people toast all kinds of toast, even bread rolls, is that they no longer like the hard, old bread that is in the basket. That might sound a bit self-contradicting, but there is a big difference between toasted bread and bread that has been in the same place for several weeks and has now completely dried out. While toasting this bread definitely doesn’t make it healthier or more nutritious, contrary to what many people claim, it is definitely a good reason to toast it.

Is toasting bread really unhealthy?

Toasted bread can be bad for you as it contains significantly less vitamin B than untoasted bread. Beyond that, however, the effects are quite insignificant.

Toasted bread can increase the chances of developing cancer. This is due to the fact that when the toast is heated, acrylamides can cause cancer, according to studies. Read it here.

So there are definitely advantages to not toasting your bread. However, the benefits of not toasting your bread are not as beneficial as many claim. Because the proteins, calories, carbohydrates and even vitamin B, which is actually prone to heat, do not suffer particularly much from the heat. That also means: toasting bread does not make you fatter, it just makes you more susceptible to cancer.


Yes, the risk of cancer can actually be increased through regular consumption of toasted bread. Acrylamides is created during the great heat that the toast is exposed to while it is cooking in the toaster. This can cause cancer in the long term.

The end of the line

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