Can you survive on only carrots? – And what would happen with your Body?

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Carrots. A tasty and healthy snack for in between. Some prefer the quick version from the supermarket, others prefer to buy carrots that have been plucked straight from the ground. Whichever way you prefer to eat this healthy snack in between, there are many myths about carrots. For example that these are good for the eyes (which is actually true, it lowers your cholesterol levels, so you can see better in the dark) or many other myths.

First peel the carrots once and then bite off the entire edge so that only the stick in the middle is left to eat at the end – it couldn’t be more satisfyng.

But are carrots enough on their own? Do carrots really offer enough calories to supply our bodies (if for some reason we can only rely on carrots for our daily intake)?

I would like to answer all of these questions in this blog post!
And as always, I hope you enjoy reading!

You should not rely on carrots alone. It increases the beta-carotene value in the body and thus ensures a yellowish skin tone. In the long run the body would lack too many nutrients and you would be sick from carotenosis.

So if you intend to go on a pure carrot diet, you should think of something else. Because eating only carrots is not a good idea, even if Steve Jobbs is supposed to have done it once. The main problem here is that the rule “too much of something is not good” again means that carrots can also be overdone.

The healthy number of beta-carotenes is around six to eight milligrams a day. In order to get carotenemia (the one where your skin turns yellow), you would have to eat at least 20 milligrams a day, which would be about 3 very large carrots. That doesn’t mean it’s dangerous to eat 3 or 4 carrots, but like so many things, you shouldn’t do it every day.

So, if you don’t want to look like someone from the Simpsons, better not do it! But if you accidentally decided to follow a carrot-only diet, relax, it is relatively easy to reverse the effects. This means; Yes it is curable. Much easier to cure than some of the other diseases that afflict us today. So if you are planning a diet, you should focus more on a balanced diet, but try and allow yourself an exception in between for a good balance.

Can I survive on just bananas?

You couldn’t survive on bananas alone. The brain, the body and the health need a varied diet. A banana is made up of 1.1 grams of protein, while an adult man needs 56 in total.

Another intersting fact : The body needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as other nutrients to function properly.

Have you ever read reports from women who supposedly eat 50 bananas a day and are in top shape? Well, according to experts, it is not a good idea to have such a one-sided diet, and it, in no way, contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Although the authenticity of such reports is doubtful, it may sound tempting to only eat bananas, for example to reach your dream weight. However, let’s get to the facts:

A grown man needs about 55 grams of protein a day. A banana weighs just 1.1g. Now you might think, then I just eat 55 bananas a day and the problem is solved. – But it’s not that easy. Because bananas are made up of a lot of carbohydrates and as is well known, carbohydrates in excess make you fat. So if you have the goal in mind of achieving your dream body with a banana diet, the opposite will be more likely.

Of course, it’s also a matter of attitude. We all like to eat varied and diversified. Those who only eat bananas will soon be fed up and break off their diet. The body also begins to rebel after a short time. Anyone who eats bananas for so long or tries it over a certain period of time and then understandably stops, will not build a good relationship with a diet in the long term. Because you always think “Diet = always the same, disgusting food” – which is actually not the case. Diet can be fun when done right.

In order to function properly, the body needs carbohydrates, which, as already mentioned, the banana does not lack, but the body also needs fats and proteins and other nutrients in order to function properly. The brain alone consumes 25% of our daily energy – and more. How can you get all of this from just bananas?

In conclusion, it can definitely be said that bananas are insufficient and are not recommended as a diet. Even if you are stranded on a lonely banana island, sooner or later you should look around for an alternative to bananas.

Oh yeah and before I forget. No, bananas cannot replace drinking, after a very, very short time you would suffer from dehydration. So: Please do not imitate, but have a balanced diet AND eat bananas – with great pleasure!

Your body will thank you!

How long can you live on rice?

You can survive on rice alone for some time. Brown rice is much healthier than the well-known white rice, but both have no vitamin C, which leads to scortbut disease. The performance of the brain would also no longer be fully functional. You could only survive more or less healthy for about 2 months on rice.

Oh well. But somehow it has to work?

Perhaps you are now thinking that you might want to try rice as diet. And you are actually not the only one. Many people in Nepal eat brown rice every day, even if they also cut vegetables with the rice. And yes, it is actually a balanced diet. However, eating only white or brown rice is not a good idea, which I would like to explain in the following text.

First of all, how much vitamin C does rice contain? I agree! 0! The Disease Associated With It called Scurvy, which was only discovered in the 1930s, will definitely not make your life easier, while suffering from muscle weakness, bleeding and inflamed gums. The white rice simply lacks fiber and minerals. The brown rice is a bit better, but the vitamins are also missing there.

You wouldn’t get fats and proteins well from a “rice diet” either. These are important for the proper functioning of your muscles or for your brain to function properly. Eating only rice would actually prevent you from thinking in the long term.

You have to look at it realistically here. In the first few days, it would probably not be a problem to only eat rice. But just imagine you eat rice for a WEEK in the morning, at noon, in the evening. At some point this stuff would hang out in your throat and you would probably never touch it again afterwards.

To survive alone on a desert island, rice is arguably one of the best choices you could make (if you had a choice at all) but it’s hardly difficult to imagine the experience of diet or the struggle for survival on an island , wouldn’t harm your relationship with rice in the long term. You would most probably never touch rice agian, which is a shame, because of the endless possibilities that are possible with it!

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