Can you survive on only apples? – How?

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An apple is a healthy snack for in between. In addition to the banana, it is good for a snack in goes along the healthiest fruits ever existed. With its 52 calories, the apple is also sufficient as a lunch substitute and, in contrast to the banana, you can eat more than one apple a day without thinking about it. The 5th healthiest fruit in the world can definitely be seen when it comes to healthy eating.

But can you survive on apples alone? Are the calories and nutrients enough to fully fuel our body and mind? The scenario here is, as always, the I-am-stranded-on-a-lonely-island-and-got-nothing-to-eat-except X. The only rule: you have water. Spoiler: You can’t survive without water. However, if you are looking for an answer by only using apples as food, or even prefer a diet in this area, I can definitely help you in this blog post.

And so, as always, I hope you enjoy reading!

How long can you survive on apples?
You could survive healthily on apples alone for 2 weeks with a basic requirement of 2000 calories divided over 3 meals per day, that would be around 21 apples per day. An apple diet is not recommended due to the “yo-yo effect”., which leads to reverse of losing weight.

But is it enough to survive? For some time, survival would be entirely possible. The question is to what extent you imagine that. Apples themselves contain every nutrient a person needs to survive. Apples even contain B12 and vitamin D in addition to the basic C nutrients, the first one enablse the cell division and blood formation of your body, the second one ensures the formation of bones and strengthens bones. Now you might think to yourself, that sounds good, then try it right away, but stop! Of course there is also a catch here.

Because if you only eat apples for a long time, you will be missing zinc or niacin in the long term, which could lead to loss of appetite, hair loss and other skin changes. Unfortunately, vitamin D alone is not enough for the bones, and muscle failure would occur after a while. Not a good idea so far.

But it can get worse. Because the question is: for the sake of survival or a simple apple diet. Nobody likes to eat the same thing all day. The acid apple juice is also not very good for your teeth in the long term. Just the thought of eating 7 apples at every meal makes me sick. And sooner or later the apple would hang out of your throat too. Willpower alone is not enough here, because at a certain point in time the body begins to strike, and that is the point at which it becomes uncomfortable.

How do you afford the apples?

The question immediately arises, how exactly is the procurement of the apples going?
If you are on a diet, you will likely have to buy a bunch of apples every 3 days, or carry several pounds into the house at one time. This not only harms your wallet, but also your back.

On a lonely island you would have to get to a true apple paradise to consume the necessary amount of about 21 apples per day. The smartest thing to do here is to use the first few days intensively to get another food, I have already discussed a few examples of this in another blog post of mine, which is about how long you can survive with just bananas and carrots , or rice. If you are interested, click here:

A few more words about the apple diet.
Whether enough apples or not, I guess it is obvious that you will become careless at some point. In the most cases, people break off the diet early – which is a good thing this time. But if you don’t eat anything instead of the apples, rather eating not enough of them after a certain amount of time because you don’t have any appetite at all, that’s bad, because after a short time the body realizes that something is wrong and thinks “Oh no, a famine has broken out” and then goes into energy-saving mode. After that, the well-known “yo-yo effect” occurs again and spoils the rest of the ambitious plans that you had for your diet at the beginning.

Facts are, after such an experience you will hardly want to voluntarily go on a diet again or even touch an apple for the rest of your life . Which, based on the advantages described above, would have a lasting negative effect on your health if you prefer to grab the McDonalds Happy Meal instead.

An apple diet itself (if you strive for 2000 calories per day) only works out 1-2 weeks, after that, there can be serious, long-lasting deficiency symptoms that no one wants to have. Most people abandoned this type of diet prematurely for reasons of unbalanced nutrition, even though a diet in itself would be good and right for them.

If you want to follow a proper diet, you should be more careful to change your eating habits, for example through rewards, instead of forcing yourself to follow an unhealthy diet for a long time and thereby have a negative experience with it. So remember that you should initially invest your motivation and energy in HOW you achieve this goal, and not use motivation, which can quickly pass, as the only fuel.

The bottom line is that your body and mind are not adjusted to this type of one-sided diet, and you should probably resort to better alternatives in both cases. But having a apple in between, of course, not only increases your life expectancy, but also helps you build your muscles.

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