Can you survive on just yogurt? – Here’s exactly what would happen

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Yoghurt can be enjoyed on many occasions. For example, for yogurt with muesli, yogurt with a few strawberries, or just yogurt with chocolate. It is well known that yoghurt is not exactly the healthiest to eat in between meals, especially if you add a large portion of chocolate muesli to it. Even with strawberries, consuming yogurt very regularly can be unhealthy for your health.

However, unhealthy or not, could you actually survive on yogurt for a long time, or even the rest of your life? I would like to discuss the scenario of a simple yoghurt diet, and what advantages and disadvantages it has, and also the scenario in which you find yourself stranded on a desert island and have nothing other than yoghurt to eat.
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You cannot survive on yogurt alone in the long run. In itself, yoghurt could meet some of the body’s basic needs, but increased sugar consumption would in the long run lead to circulatory problems, fatigue, a hungry feeling in the stomach and perhaps anxiety or depression.

Without all these additives, yogurt would probably not be the worst way to survive or lose weight in the long run. However, the positive effect of the inherently healthy yogurt is negated by the industry and the associated flavors and sugars that are mixed into the yogurt. Yogurt itself is low in protein or carbohydrates and is therefore a very good way to lose weight in the long run, if it weren’t for one crucial thing: sugar.

Most yoghurts these days have sugar in them, so there’s hardly anything around. If you happen to be lucky enough to have yogurt that contains hardly any sugar, for example because you made it at home, then congratulations! You have discovered a healthy meal for in between.

However, this scenario is about the normal indistinguishable yogurt, i.e. the one that can be bought regularly from the supermarket.

Live on yogurt for a week:
If you only live on yogurt for a week, you can survive healthily without being permanently damaged. But of course, this only applies if you don’t put any other things in the yogurt, but only eat the yogurt you bought from the supermarket.

The problem would be that the sugar would make you feel hungry in the long run. That would not be so extreme in the first few days, as the effects of what you ate before are still there. But after about 3-4 days you would have reached a point at the latest where you would certainly feel a need for something other than yogurt. It is of course also important to say: Anyone who only eats yoghurt for a week but otherwise had a relatively balanced diet before that, with eating yoghurt in between, will probably get sick of it sooner or later. In this case, as is so often the case, the greatest enemy when following a diet would be yourself.

But in that case this desire would be quite justified: Because your body demands vitamins that the artificial “strawberry” yoghurts cannot fulfill. The sugar will also probably stop you from really losing weight in the long term.
In order to survive you would need about 3-4 yoghurts per day.

Yogurt as a Long Term Diet? Not a good idea!
A good diet consists of consuming fewer calories a day than usual. In the long run, you lose weight this way. However, the instant yoghurt with its sugar will definetly thwart your plans.

A pure yoghurt diet in no way corresponds to the diet recommended by experts, namely a diet that covers the daily needs of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
In addition, it should of course also taste good. Just the idea of ​​having a yoghurt every day instead of a balanced meal consisting of 3 meals a day makes me personally shudder. I don’t know what it looks like with you, but I think most of the people would sooner or later get sick of yoghurt.

In addition, you can definitely draw disadvantages from a yogurt-only diet. For example, your brain function is impaired in the long term, as is your muscle building, which primarily requires protein. Your brain and body will slowly begin to complain that there has been nothing but yogurt to eat for a long time, and will leave you with an empty, hungry feeling in your stomach. Anxiety and depression can also be a long-term consequence of constant yogurt consumption.

Can you survive on just honey?

If you only had honey available to survive, for example if you were stranded on a lonely island with a huge container full of honey from the supermarket, then you would end up pretty bad: Because honey alone will not be enough to survive healthily in the long run.

You could probably survive on honey alone for about 5 days, after which you would probably die of lack of water with about 8 jars of honey a day. With water that would be about 24-25 days, only with water about 21 days.


First of all, it is important to know that honey itself hardly offers the nutrients you need per day. Including calories, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and more. Honey is just not made for surviving in the long run, as it mostly consists of water and a few other things like glucose, fructose and sugar.

Just 0.5% of a pack of honey is actually of nutritional benefit for our body, the other 99.5% is for your body as if you had just consumed water with sugar. Funfact: Even bees cannot survive on their own honey.

The fructose would probably not be really healthy in the long run, even if you already have other problems at the time when you decided to live on honey only. Your teeth would suffer from the sticky sugar and you would most probably get karius. The honey would have negative effects on your blood sugar and your immune system. Honey in itself is hardly enough to strengthen your immune system so that you are safe from infections. Which can be very bad, especially on an island where it can happen that you accidentally get injured somewhere.

Honey is also totally unsuitable as a diet, which I already explained in the previous text, but here again briefly summarized: A diet requires a varied food intake, it must be edible over the long term, and the calories you consume should only be minimally reduced the normal consumption of a person per day in order to lose weight. In addition, it must contain sufficient vitamins and should be varied. That’s kind of how dieting works.

As you have probably already noticed, honey would hardly be suitable for this, it does not even begin to have everything the body needs per day, it is not edible in the long term and one-sided, it also falls into the category “Jo-Jo effect” (that means that while you would lose weight for a while eating something, you would gain weight rapidly after eating normal again). So your body would fall into a kind of nuisance while consuming honey only, in that old reserves are used up, and it starts to digest you itself.

In conclusion, it can be said that honey in itself is not enough to survive, is more than unsuitable for a diet, but in addition to an otherwise normal consumption, due to the very few carbohydrates, is definitely suitable as a snack for in between.

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