21 Reasons why Coffee taste’s so good!

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Why does coffee taste so good?

There are some pretty good reasons why coffee tastes so good. So I asked myself the same question this morning over my morning coffee, and then did some research.
I found out that the reasons for this are very diverse, genetically determined reasons, society, habit, these are only a fraction of the reasons I have found!

But why does coffee taste so good?

Coffee tastes good because of good quality beans, a dopamine rush from the caffeine in coffee, or simply because we are used to the the taste.

In addition, a few more facts and reasons that will definetly surely surprise you and make your morning coffee so much more enjoyable!

The role of beans in taste

The first clue that shows why coffee tastes so good is, of course, what it was made of: the coffee beans. Most of the coffee beans themselves already taste very good, some people even like to enjoy them raw. Of course, it depends on what type of coffee beans it is, and how and where these are grown. Arabica is known to be the most popular coffee bean of all, and the most delicious one. If you drink coffee regularly, you’ve probably already had them. The beans grow very tall in sunlight and are not very bitter, which makes them very popular among those who try coffee for the first time!

The nervous system is triggered by auromas

Another reason are the auromas that are present in roasted coffee. These are stimulants and trigger certain enrichments in our nervous system, which also have an influence on our taste experience. If you drink coffee often, then you probably even feel a kind of anticipation by now before you’ve even sipped your coffee. That is the moment when you get triggered. But the biggest advantage in your mind is probably the boost of energy triggered by the coffee to start the day, which alone is enough to make our coffee a lot more tasty!

Our taste changes when we get older

If you didn’t particularly like coffee in the past, but you have now, then there may well be a connection here too. Because in the course of our life, especially from child to adult, our taste experience changes drastically. As a child, you only like sweet things, while as an adult you also like sweet things, but rather tend to bitter stuff. There are many reasons for this, one of the reasons for this is the aforementioned changing of our taste buds during growing up. But this is not only true for from childhood to adulthood. The taste changes permanently.

We try our way through our lives

The older you get, the more disgusting things you will try with time to time. That may not sound like a motivating factor, but this willingness to get through these disgusting things enables you to experience very precious things in the course of your life. This also applies to coffee: the more countries you travel, the more cultures you get to know, the more coffee you will try and get to know how exactly it is made. The chances that you won’t dislike any of these types of coffees are really very small. It may also indicate that people who don’t like coffee just haven’t tried it often enough.

Society expects us to drink coffee

Expectations on the part of society are also important: Nobody expects a child to like coffee, but when you are an adult, confrontation with coffee is more or less manageable. Be it just to be polite or to start a conversation with a certain person. Declining drinking coffee at social events can often lead to the thought that they will be rejected in the mind of the people. So they start drinking it, whetever they like it or not.

Whether this thought is true or not is an open question, but fact’s are: you can have a coffee for almost any occasion, such as coffee and cake, tea time and the chances of drinking it raise every time.

Love coffee – just an inheritance?

Genetic predisposition, as you may have guessed, can also have a profound impact on your taste experience. If you come from a family where coffee is drunk every day and night, you needn’t wonder where your “coffee addiction” comes from. It’s basically in your blood to drink coffee as often as possible. Certain dna that make up the “TAS2R38” gene are a reason why many people in the world like a bitter, hot coffee, while others suffer from a strong physical reaction drinking the same coffee. You are either part of one group or the other.

Drinking coffee – the cultural cause as a reason for good taste

The culture in which you live plays a decisive role. For example, if you live in Scandinavia, where most of the coffee is drunken in the world, then you will be tricked into drinking it and combining it with all kinds of things from childhood on. So at every possible event you will be already used to coffee, and it will be easier for you to drink it than some other people in the world.

The smell of coffee makes coffee better!

The smell: With the smell we perceive a significant part of our environment. And even if your parents may have told you in the past that you should try actually eating things first before you write them off, the role of smell is very often underestimated. If you get up and already have the smell of coffee in your nose, then, similar to bread rolls, you will already feel like enjoying it. Your brain prepares you mentally for consumption, especially if it is already a routine for you to drink coffee every day. If you happen to be a person, who connects everything they smell with a special emotion, whether it’s cross-country skiing or a walk in the forest, you are probably a person who is very sensitive to smells. Again, that can be a very valid reason why you enjoy coffee – so much!

The atmosphere leads to a completely different perception

The atmosphere where you drink coffee for the first time has an impact on all coffees you will drink in the future If you have drunk coffee for the first time in a shabby, dirty and corrosive smelling restaurant somewhere in a wet corner, of coruse the coffee tastes terrible! One way or another, you probably won’t think much of coffee anymore and say to yourself “Coffee – never again! “. In contrast, there are also many people who had their first coffee on a date with someone they are married today. This memory is tied to the sweet, wonderful smell and taste of coffee that you drank back then. And so you will probably look for the rest of your life for a similar experience that you had with coffee back then, not realizing that it wasn’t the coffee that probably tasted just like the coffee you drink every day , but the feeling, the atmosphere, the people you were with back then, who were decisive.

The perfect coffee

Do you drink delicious coffee every day? Or just in between? Then you may have enjoyed the perfect version of a coffee in the particularly good cases :

A perfect coffee has a pleasantly hot temperature, high quality beans, has been roasted well and was been served at the optimal temperature.

On top of that, it’s may also be the type of coffee you like, like black or brown. With or without milk. As you can see, there are really many ways that coffee can taste good. So if you were lucky enough to have already been served this ideal coffee for you, you should now find out which ingredients make up this ingredient.

The occasion to drink coffee – a not unimportant factor

It really depends on what reason you have to drink coffee. If you do it every day to wake up, at some point your brain and body will get used to the taste, and you may even start to like it. If you also travel a lot, you will find yourself choosing a lot of different types of coffee, which also gives you a kind of comparison. Because we all know that everything tastes better when compared to something else! – The more often you drink coffee you will give your brain a chance to rearrange the taste. It goes something like this … Brain: “Hmm, why does he drink this coffee every day even though he knows that he doesn’t like it ? Or maybe he does? … recalculate … “

Why does coffee taste so good in the morning?

Coffee tastes good in the morning because you can get involved in new things very well in the morning thanks to a lowered dopamine level. In addition, you are more concentrated in the morning and can therefore perceive the taste better than usual during the day.

Your body is getting cleaned

After getting up, your body is done with a kind of cleaning process that took place over the night. Your whole brain will be rewired and linked again. This also includes the area through which you can perceive taste. In the morning it is often confused, which is why on some mornings you may not be able to even stand the smell of coffee, on other days, drinking coffee is heaven on earth again. These effects fade during the day, which is why all other coffees taste like banana afterwards

High concentration in the morning

If you wake up in the morning and you already smell the smell of coffee at breakfast, then it’s no wonder why you like the coffee in the monrning so much. Your whole body has only one goal: I want this coffee! Nothing else will distract you, and you can enjoy the coffee to the full while you concentrate fully on it. This generally applies to all things: You will enjoy things that you pay more attention to, such as a movie, that you only half-heartedly watch it with your smartphone in your hand. So in the morning you have the advantage that your thoughts do not revolve around all sorts of things and you are ultimately able concentrate on things for a short amount of time.

Drinking coffee together

There is often still some time in the morning to drink coffee with the family, which affects your taste through social togetherness. You can check that by simply taking your coffee with you and drinking it alone in your room, while the rest of the family is happily down at the table.You’ll have to find out for yourself whether you will still enjoy it so much in the absence of your loved ones.

Your dopamin level is low

Your dopamine level (reward system in the brain) has also been shut down overnight. If you have a low dopamine level, it is easier for you to do unexciting, not really triggering things , such as reading a book. If this dopamine level is suddenly raised by a good sip of coffee, your energy will be raised and you will briefly receive a dopamine boost, including feelings of happiness. However, that doesn’t last through the day, which is why this could be one of the reasons why coffee tastes better in the morning in comparison to other times of the day.

A dehydrated body asks for fluids – and thanks for it!

In the morning you are thirsty and often dehydrated. Your body only demands one thing after all other things: fluids! Your coffee comes in handy, your body will thank you with a “Thank you, I needed that” – and activation of certain happiness hormones that are responsible for our survival. So you’re basically getting rewarded for staying alive, isn’t that wonderful?

Is it really the coffee that taste’s so good in the morning?

If you eat your coffee in the morning with something else like Nutella or a honey bread, the sweet taste on the tongue can be a reason for the good taste. In that case, that would mean that it’s not necessarily the coffee that you find so delicious. To clear that up, just forego sweet things with your coffee for one or two days in the morning, or drink the coffee first, before anything else!

Cortisol is redistributed in the body

In the morning, about an hour after waking up, one of the three phases of the day takes place where your cortisol is redistributed in the body. Cortisol is known as a stress hormone but can also act as an energy boost or happiness hormone for a short time.

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